UTA needed for BIOL-L 111

The Course: BIOL L111, Ecology, Evolution and Diversity


This course meets MWF at 9:05-9:55 am and explores (1) the diversity of species and genomes on our planet, (2) the 4 evolutionary processes that generate this diversity and shape variation within populations; (3) the fit of organisms to their environment (i.e., adaptation); (4) the ecological interactions between species: competition, predation, symbiosis and mutualism; and (5) the ecological processes that govern the growth of populations and communities. The goal of the course is for students to learn fundamental concepts in evolution, ecology and biodiversity via examples of species adaptations and interactions. An additional goal is to develop critical thinking and analytical skills via exposure to empirical studies in the scientific literature.

UTA for L111: There are four UTAs serving this course. The requirements for the UTA position are: (1) good grade(s) in L111 or Biology courses; (2) availability to attend classes MWF mornings from 9:05-9:55am and to run two Discussion sections (with some choice of times); (3) weekly meeting of AIs, UTAs and instructor about the Discussion for the coming week; and, (4) an interest in teaching. The instructor provides all Discussion section materials, readings, questions and answer keys to the UTAs.  The Instructor discusses general teaching methods, discussion methods and gives feedback at UTAs on how their section is doing.  The compensation for the position is either in course credit or payroll.

To apply, please contact Dr. Wade at mjwade@indiana.edu