Themester 2018 advisory committee – student representatives needed

Themester 2018 is looking to identify two student representatives to serve on its advisory committee with faculty members. Themester is a College of Arts and Sciences program that encourages the exploration of an important topic each fall semester. Themester 2018’s theme is Animal/Human.

The advisory committee will have two to three meetings this coming fall semester and four to five meetings during the spring semester. We spend the 2017-18 academic year shaping Themester 2018 by choosing courses and events that focus on the theme. The student members provide an important perspective in this endeavor.  If interested, please provide the following to by September 15 at noon:

  • A résumé, including current major and intended degree completion date
  • A statement of interest/cover letter
    • Why would serving on the committee interest you?
    • What could you bring to the committee? Why would you be a good student representative?
  • One to two academic references  (i.e. past instructors who might speak to your qualities)
    • Letters of reference are not We seek names and contact information.

See for more information about the theme.

Field Experience Opportunity – Kinesiology

Michelle Miller, faculty in the School of Public Health, is in desperate need of student assistants with an important fall prevention exercise class for older adults, SPH K496 Field Experience in Kinesiology for 2 credits. The class meets at the SE YMCA from 12-1:30 on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. 

If you are available during this time, PLEASE help us make this class safe for the 35 community participants who have signed by assisting with this class. 

I promise that you will not regret participating and it will be a great resume builder. You will lead portions of the class, assist with station set ups and make sure the participants are safe in a challenging environment that you have created!  You will learn strategies about neuromuscular control that you will be able to utilize the rest of your life and gain valuable leadership and problem solving skills!!!

Please contact Michelle Miller at or Tammy Nichols if you are interested in participating. There is a form that will need to be filled out to get permission to register for the credit hours.

Thank you for your consideration of assisting with this important community program.