Teaching opportunity in Indianapolis after graduation!

Historically, high-need students in Indianapolis have not had equal access to an education that adequately prepares them for college and career. Indianapolis Teaching Fellows trains recent college graduates to become exceptional, certified teachers. Our fast-paced six-week summer training program focuses on the essential skills that teachers need most to start strong. Fellows will repeatedly practice foundational classroom management and instructional techniques, receive direct feedback from skilled coaches, and must pass a series of evaluations in order to be eligible to start teaching in the fall.

Apply here — applications are accepted on a rolling basis; the next deadline is December 11.

For more information: http://go.tntpteachingfellows.org/ITF


Summer 2018 Volunteer Opportunity: Ghana Health and Education Initiative – GHEI

In Summer 2018, the Ghana Health and Education Initiative – GHEI will be offering three volunteer sessions: Community Health Evaluation 1 and Community Health Evaluation deep dive, and Girls’ Empowerment, each for two or three weeks, and taking place in Ghana.

GHEI Summer Serve and Learn volunteer programs offer participants the chance to be immersed in a rural Ghanaian community and work alongside local staff members in support of a small community development organization’s year-round health and education programs. All volunteers will have the opportunity to develop and strengthen their skills in cross-cultural communication, project design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and community outreach, all while working in a low-resource environment alongside local and international counterparts to achieve a common goal. Visit their website www.ghei.org/ssl to learn more.

If you have any questions, please email communications@ghei.org.

Check out these spring 2018 Biology Lectures (each counts as an upper level lecture in the Biology major)!


L 402 : P – BIOL-L 111 and L 112, junior or senior standing (except with permission from instructor). BIOL-L 473 and CHEM-C 117 strongly encouraged.

Regular Academic Session 1/8 – 5/4; TuTh 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM JH 248

Course Description

Explains how ecosystems function and how and why ecosystems differ in their sensitivity to stress, disturbance and global change. Introduces key concepts and approaches used in the field of ecosystem ecology: ecosystem energetics; biogeochemical cycles and budgets; and the response of ecosystems to stress, disturbance and global change. Focuses on patterns and processes in aquatic, terrestrial and wetland ecosystems.


L 472 : P – L211 or M250 Class focuses on microbiomes, diverse assemblages of bacteria, fungi, archaea, and viruses that critically influence the health of humans, other hosts, and the environment.

Regular Academic Session 1/8 – 5/4; TuTh 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM JH 065

Course Description

Principles of microbial ecology with emphasis on the population, community, and ecosystem ecology of bacteria and fungi.


Prerequisites: BIOL-L 111, BIOL-L 112, BIOL-L 113, BIOL-L 211

Regular Academic Session 1/8 – 5/4; MW 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM HD TBA

Course description:

It is easy to accept the fact that certain individual human properties are in large part genetically determined.  We have no difficulty in believing that our eye color, our hair, our height, or our blood pressure are features that vary due to the exact complement of inherited genetic variants.  Yet, when it comes to our brains and our behavior, genetic determinism becomes more difficult to accept and is highly controversial.  Do “behavior genes” exist?  How would one define a gene as a behavior gene?  These are some of the questions that we will attempt to answer in this class.  First, we will review the literature that demonstrates concrete examples of how single genes can affect behaviors.  Then, we will examine the evidence from simple animals like insects as well as rodent models.  Finally, we will examine the evidence that specific gene variants can affect human behavior in very specific and interesting ways.