Needing a 300-level Lab class or Intensive Writing class?  The Biotechnology program has the following offerings.


BIOT T315 (pre-req:  BIOL L211)  is a project based class focusing on the production, cloning, and purification of enzymes and their genes.  The project focuses on secretable enzymes made by Bacillus subtilis and uses molecular methods to carry out the project.  Counts as a lab for microbiology and biology majors.


BIOT T322 (pre-req:  W131, BIOL 211 and one of the following: BIOL-M 315 or BIOL-T 315 or BIOL-M 360 or BIOL-L 311 or BIOL-L 319 or BIOL-L 323 or BIOL-L 324 or BIOL-L 373 or BIOL-M 435 or CHEM-C 343) as an Intensive Writing class focusing on reading and writing scientific literature in both academic and pharmaceutical settings.  In addition to a literature review, assignments also include procedures and a group presentation.