Summer 2018 internship with dairy cattle in Idaho – apply by January 30, 2018!

Cattle Health Summer Internship for 2018

Objective:  Millenkamp Cattle is looking for an energetic, team-oriented intern that is passionate about animal health and dairy production to work on our calf raising facility and dairies to learn about large herd management.  We are looking for a self-motivated individual that enjoys working in a primarily outdoor environment and is passionate about cows.

Education Required: Current college enrollment (junior or senior status), or recent graduation. No freshman/sophomores, sorry, but please feel free to apply as upperclassmen! We use the internship as a way to evaluate potential employees for 2018/2019, meaning we prefer people who are not veterinary school-bound.

Internship Description: Focus will be on the health and management of the expanding dairy herd and calf ranch. Dairy duties to include: fresh cow evaluation and calving pen assistance, sick cow evaluation and treatment.  Calf raising duties include sick calf evaluation and treatment, processing incoming calves, milk sample analysis, assisting the hospital crew with wound care, surgeries, daily treatments, and willingness to fill in wherever needed.  Record keeping and evaluation of records on all operations is with DC305 and Microsoft Excel.  Interns should anticipate gaining an understanding of the dairy and/or calf raising system, RFID technology, and ample opportunity to improve their animal health knowledge and skills.

The ideal candidate must have good communication skills, time management skills, flexibility, and the ability to work both independently and as an integrated team member.  Basic Spanish language skills and familiarity with Microsoft Excel would be a plus. Day to day interaction with the on-staff veterinarian(s) is anticipated.  A small research project in an area of the student’s interest will round out the internship. We care far more about your attitude and willingness to participate and learn than the skills you already have, however, interested individuals should have a solid large animal background.

Facilities:  Millenkamp Cattle is located in Jerome, ID and Malta, ID. It is a diverse operation spanning the breadth of the dairy production cycle, including a large custom calf raising facility, a feedlot for older youngstock, and 2 dairy operations.  Heifer raising facilities include a large progressive calf ranch custom raising calves for clients and ourselves and a custom raising feedlot.   The calf ranch contains in house surgical facilities, x-ray and ultrasound capabilities, basic lab and hospital area.  There are currently 2 dairies milking a mix of Holstein and Jersey cows.  Dairy 1 serves as a hospital/recovery facility for Dairy 2.   Dairy 2 milks in a new, state of the art barn containing side by side 106 stall rotaries.  Visit us at

Compensation: Compensation, +/- housing may be available and depends on experience and ability.

Dates: Flexible around the intern’s school schedule, but typically May/June to August/September.

Applying: Applicants should email a resume with 2 references (reference letters preferred), along with a brief statement of why the internship appeals to you, to Dr. Jennifer Wilson at

Deadline for applying: January 30th, 2018.  Applicants will be contacted early February for phone interviews, and final decisions made by Feb/Mar 2018.