The Lennon Lab is seeking an undergraduate research technician

The Lennon lab is looking for an undergraduate research technician. The position requires approximately 10 hours of work per week and pays $10.50 an hour. The job primarily involves making media and washing glassware. The technician is free to choose their own hours and they can choose to continue the job through the summer.

Please contact Will Shoemaker if you are interested in the position:


Rush the chemistry fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma!

The Epsilon Chapter of the professional, progressive, coed, and chemistry based fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma is holding their Spring rush from January 18th to January 25th on weekdays. We’re a group of students from all backgrounds who come together because of our mutual love of chemistry. But science isn’t the only thing that binds us together. Our brothers work and study in many fields, including non-STEM areas, and have all kinds of different interests, but we function as a close, supportive, and fun family. We even have several alumni that are Nobel prize winners! Being a brother in AXSigma means always finding someone to sit with in class, going on adventures around Bloomington and far away, dedicating time to community outreach, and making a huge campus seem a little bit smaller. Despite being a chemistry fraternity, we encourage non-chemistry majors to rush as well! Please Visit for more information about our spring rush!

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