Medical & Dental Mission Trips — Summer & Winter 2018


Azma International invites applications to participate in our Medical and Dental Mission Trip in Kenya and Peru this summer and winter 2018.

The team will volunteer in a medical, dental and health promotion mission trip. We will set up clinics in rural areas that see little to no medical attention. Poor living conditions, overcrowding, lack of sufficient running water, and undeveloped sewage systems have led to widespread diseases in the rural areas, urban slums and other poor parts of the country.  People living in these poor communities lack access to proper health care and good nutrition. The team will provide free medical services and health education to the less fortunate who would otherwise go without medical care. Our goal is to travel to the places where people need the most urgent care, and bring free medical and dental services to them.

Students have an opportunity to gain a lot of hands-on experience as you work with the local health care providers we partner with in missions. You will gain insight into global health as you and learn more about the tropical and infectious diseases in this part of the world. Work includes teaching health education in schools and orphanages, to help reduce preventable illnesses.

Medical Duties;
– monitoring and taking vitals (blood pressure,
temperature, saturation etc.)
– taking blood samples, blood cultures
– IV placements
– administering drugs
– intravenous infusions and injections
– dressing wounds
– filling in prescriptions and organizing the pharmacy and inventory
– assist doctors during different procedures and ward rounds

Dental Duties;
– Oral Examinations
– Cleanings
– Extractions
– Provide dental restorations and sealants if available
– Fluoride treatments
– Oral health and hygiene education
– distributing care packages and supplies

Non- medical/ dental duties;
– Patient intake and registration
– clinic setup
– registration of patients
– translators, if you are fluent in the local language
– assist in teaching health education to patients in the clinic, schools and orphanages
– crowd control, to maintain order in large crowds
– distributing donations to patients
– Health Education & Training
– Teaching first aid, good hygiene practices, dental health and nutrition. Teaching will be done within the framework of a basic classroom. You will be working with basic resources, such as posters, blackboards and whiteboards.

Apply today to join a mission team to Kenya or Peru. You can apply as Medical/Dental or Non-Medical Volunteer. You don’t need to have a working experience in a health care field to participate in our mission trips.

If you cannot join us in Kenya or Peru this year, feel free to sign up for any of our other upcoming mission trips.

PERU: July 10th – July 17th, 2018

KENYA: July 28th to August 13th, 2018 OR December 18th- January 3rd, 2018

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We look forward to working with you!


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Mission Trips Coordinator
Azma International
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