John D. MacArthur Beach State Park Undergraduate Student Internship Experience for summer 2018!

See for more information: Undergrad Internship Experience_John D MacArthur Beach State Park 9_19_17


Consider HPSC-X 308 History of Biology for Fall 2018 (300-level hours inside College!)

If you are looking for an interesting general elective, or for 300/400-level hours inside the College of Arts & Sciences, consider this course:

HPSC-X 308: The History of Biology

Time: T-Th 2:30–3:45 PM

Place: Ballantine Hall 003

Instructor: Sander Gliboff

COLL (CASE) A&H Breadth of Inquiry credit

Not approved to count in Biology major; this is a general elective course.

The term “biology” was first used at the turn of the nineteenth century to denote a new scientific or philosophical approach to the study of life, distinct from natural history, natural theology, and medicine. But what did it mean to be “scientific”? What was this new science going to tell us about the organic world and ourselves? Where and how and by whom was biological research to be done, with what resources?

This seminar is a survey of key figures and pivotal moments in the history of modern biology, that have re-defined its scientific character, by either opening new lines of inquiry and explanation, developing new kinds of instruments, practices, and institutions, or changing the social role of the biological scientist. Coverage includes, e.g., Lamarck, Mendel, Darwin, Haeckel, Pavlov, classical and molecular genetics, embryology, evolution, and ecology.

There are no prerequisites, but knowledge of modern biology or modern European or American history will be helpful.

For more information, email the instructor at

Themester Internship – Podcast Host and Producer

Themester Internship – Podcast Host and Producer

The College of Arts and Sciences seeks an undergraduate intern to serve as the host and producer of the Themester summer podcast, which explores the Themester 2018’s Animal/Human. The intern will help produce five to six 15-minute podcasts that span the breath of the College divisions and schools.

The time commitment is approximately 40 to 50 hours total during summer, May to July, with a flexible schedule. The Themester internship is a paid internship with an hourly rate of $10.15 an hour. For more information including qualifications and application instructions, see the Themester website at

Congratulations to our award recipients being recognized on Friday, April 27

Congratulations to the individuals listed below who received Department of Biology awards. These award recipients will be recognized at the 2018 Biology Student Award Ceremony taking place Friday, April 27, at 3:30 PM, in Jordan Hall A100. Refreshments will be served in the atrium immediately following the ceremony. A photographer will be available during the reception to photograph award recipients, their families, lab mates, and any special guests.

Graduate Students Recipients:             

Tamanash Bhattacharya:

Milton Taylor Fellowship
Ian S. Barton
Albert Ruesink Outstanding Associate Instructor
Teaching Award in Biology
Katilyn V. Beidler:
Sears Crowell Scholarship
Savannah Bennett:
Fred Seward Award
Sofia Casasa Velez:
Louise Constable Hoover Fellowship
Jeremy Scott Davis:
Louise Constable Hoover Fellowship
Zoe Dinges:
George W. Brackenridge Fellowship
Lekeah Durden:
Louise Constable Hoover Fellowship
Courtney Ellison:
First Place, Floyd Award for Outstanding
Publication in Microbiology
Jay Keche Goldberg:
Charles Heiser Fellowship
Adrienne Keller:
Blatchley Nature Study Club Scholarship
Catherine Klancher:
Dean Fraser Fellowship, and
Second Place Tie, Floyd Award for Outstanding
Publication in Microbiology
Alexandra McCully:
Second Place Tie, Floyd Award for Outstanding
Publication in Microbiology
Kara M. Million:
Avian, Wildlife, and Habitat Studies Scholarship
Roy Moger-Reischer:
Sears Crowell Scholarship
Gabriel Muhire Gihana:
Alfred Parson Mower Fellowship
Lauren Nease:
Walter A. Konetzka Fellowship
Emma Oschrin:
Sarah Elizabeth Frey Indiana
Daffodil, Inc., Scholarship
Katherine Roebke
Milton Taylor Fellowship
Britta Rued:
William G. Roessler Microbiology Scholarship
Christopher Schlicksup
Milton Taylor Fellowship
Maja Sljivar:
George Hudock Fellowship
Melene A. Thompson:
Walter A. Konetzka Fellowship
Jennifer Wong:
Frank W. Putnam Research Fellowship

Undergraduate Recipients:

Yousaf Abughofah:
Alfred Parson Mower Scholarship
Sunna Ahmad:
Sid Robinson Scholarship
Melissa Baker:
Fred Seward Award
Gabriella Benko:
Barwe/Rexing Scholarship
Lucy Brown:
William J. Tatum Scholarship
Katherine H. Fisher:
John R. and Wendy L. Kindig Scholarship
Alekhya Govindaraju:
William G. Roessler Microbiology Scholarship

Julius Hain:
Howard W. Clark Scholarship

Alexa Howser:
George M. Malacinski Scholarship
Christine Hustmyer:
Biology Undergraduate Research Award, and
Fox Glen Research and Education Fund Award, and
Outstanding Honors Thesis Award
Allison Nelson:
Aldred Family Scholarship
Gene Qian:
John R. and Wendy L. Kindig Scholarship
Clarissa Ren:
Rex Grossman Scholarship
Sophia Ren:
L. S. McClung Scholarship
Senna Bryce Robeson:
Michael R. Tansey Outstanding
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award
Bhagyashree Sarda:
Microbiology Undergraduate Summer
Research Award
Rhett A. Snyder:
L. S. McClung Scholarship, and
Microbiology Undergraduate Summer
Research Award
Athena Tran:
Carl H. Eigenmann Scholarship
Stephanie Zhang:
Sid Robinson Scholarship

Faculty Award:
Professor David Kehoe
Senior Class Award for
Teaching Excellence in Biology
and Dedication to Undergraduates

I hope you can join us.

All my best,



Kathy E. Wyss, Development Officer
Indiana University Department of Biology
1001 E. Third St. / Jordan Hall 120
Bloomington, IN  47405-7005
Phone:  812-855-6195



Need Gen Ed S&H credit? Consider HPSC-X 205 Intro. to Medical History for Fall 2018

HPSC-X 205 Introduction to Medical History (3 credit hours)
D Bertoloni Meli
Class #32046

02:30P-03:45P MW WH 004

This course provides IUB Gen Ed S&H credit and COLL (CASE) S&H Breadth of Inquiry credit.

This class provides an introduction to the history of medicine from the Hippocratic Oath in ancient Greece to the 20th century. We will discuss major features of the medical world, including: transformations in anatomy and physiology, such as the discovery of the circulation of the blood and the role of microscopy; changing concepts of disease and therapeutic practices culminating with the germ theory of disease, cellular pathology, and the new understanding of cancer; shifts in institutional settings, from the bedside to the hospital and the rise of the laboratory. The course would be of interest to all students with an interest in a career in the medical professions (broadly conceived) and also to students interested in history and the life-sciences. There are no pre-requisites to take the class.

All-Expenses Paid Business, Engineering, Technology Conference — Out for Undergrad Information Session

All-Expenses Paid Business, Engineering, Technology Conference — Out for Undergrad Information Session

Thursday, April 12, 2018, 6pm-7:30pm

Hodge Hall, Room 2047, 1309 East 10th Street


Hudson and Holland is partnering with Out at Kelley and the LGBTQ+ Center for an informational session on Out for Undergrad. Out for Undergrad is a nonprofit organization that provides all-expense paid workshops in business, engineering, marketing, and technology to high-achieving LGBTQ+ students. There you will learn how to leverage your identity in your future sector, network with current professionals, and have opportunities to find summer internships. The information session will include a presentation, a panel of past attendants, and, of course, FOOD! We hope to see you there on April 12th at 6:00-7:30 PM in Hodge Hall 2047.

So that we know to expect you and for catering purposes, please RSVP: