Need Gen Ed S&H credit? Consider HPSC-X 205 Intro. to Medical History for Fall 2018

HPSC-X 205 Introduction to Medical History (3 credit hours)
D Bertoloni Meli
Class #32046

02:30P-03:45P MW WH 004

This course provides IUB Gen Ed S&H credit and COLL (CASE) S&H Breadth of Inquiry credit.

This class provides an introduction to the history of medicine from the Hippocratic Oath in ancient Greece to the 20th century. We will discuss major features of the medical world, including: transformations in anatomy and physiology, such as the discovery of the circulation of the blood and the role of microscopy; changing concepts of disease and therapeutic practices culminating with the germ theory of disease, cellular pathology, and the new understanding of cancer; shifts in institutional settings, from the bedside to the hospital and the rise of the laboratory. The course would be of interest to all students with an interest in a career in the medical professions (broadly conceived) and also to students interested in history and the life-sciences. There are no pre-requisites to take the class.