Jewish Studies Presidential Scholarships for Study in Israel in Spring Semester 2019

All IUB undergraduates are eligible.

Two paths for application for these scholarships:

  • Students applying to the Rothberg International School at Hebrew University in Jerusalem (who must apply through IU Overseas Study): Only have to check off (on their Overseas Study application form) “yes,” that they are interested in being considered for Presidential Scholarships. Deadline for application for Hebrew University program: Monday, September 10.
  • Students applying directly to Tel Aviv University, University of Haifa or Ben-Gurion University for spring 2019 can apply for Jewish Studies Israel Study scholarships by following these procedures and (filling out and submitting the application form) andhaving 2 recommendations (from either professors or AIs) sent to the Borns Jewish Studies Program.

Deadline:  Thursday, November 8.