Undergraduate paid internship opportunity working in the PASS (Peer Assisted Study Session) Program through the Student Academic Center

PASS is a peer-led team learning tutoring program in which enrolled students teach each other finite (M118) with the assistance of the PASS tutor. By permitting the students to do some of the teaching, the PASS program encourages higher order thinking and mastery of difficult concepts. The PASS tutor attends the finite class with the students, and organizes study sessions each week in the evenings.

This Teaching Internship is paid ($14 per hour) and will take seven hours per week in the fall. Applicants must have taken finite (M118) from IUB and earned a grade of B or better in the course. Applicants must have a 3.00 cumulative gpa or better. Applicants must be sophomore standing or higher. All majors from any school accepted.

Interested students will find the application here: https://sac.indiana.edu/student-employment/index.html . Questions may be directed to Drew Koke at akoke@iu.edu.