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2nd 8-Week Course Option — EDUC-X 156 — Have your own academic coach!

Would you like your own academic coach to meet with weekly?

This academic coach could help you make weekly goals, help analyze your study skills, and encourage your work in the second eight weeks, allowing you to finish the semester on a high note. If this interests you, consider EDUC-X156, the peer coaching class. In this class, students meet each week as a class, and also one-on-one with their academic coach. 85% of students in the class report that they got more done, had more control, and improved their academic work as a result.

If you are interested, there are still spots open for the second eight weeks.

EDUC-X 156 (2 credits)

10858 Tuesday, 4:40-6:40p

11840 Wednesday, 4:40-6:40p

11841 Thursday, 2:30-4:30p