Looking for an elective for spring 2019? Consider ASCS-Q 296!

Are you looking at elective courses for Spring 2019? Our career course, ASCS-Q296, has been called “the most useful class I had taken in all my years in school” by former students.

This is a two-credit course that helps you explore the relationship between your chosen field of study and life after graduation. You’ll develop job search materials like resumes and cover letters, learn how to articulate the skills you’re learning in your major, and discover ways to begin the job and internship search process.

Each section of the course will focus on how specific populations of students market themselves for success after graduation, including:

  • Global & International Studies – Section #8600
  • Media – Section #8599
  • Arts & Humanities and Social & Historical Sciences – Section #29146
  • Getting Into Graduate School – Section #29145 (for students from any major who want help applying to graduate programs)
  • Natural & Mathematical Sciences – Section #29147

Learn about the class meeting times and additional information here. If you have questions, please reach out to iuwalter@indiana.edu or call (812)-856-4278.

Walter Center for Career Achievement
College of Arts + Sciences | Indiana University Bloomington

THEMESTER EVENT “What Can Dogs Teach Us about Human Learning?” with Angie Johnston (Yale University) Thursday, Nov.1, 4:30 p.m., Hodge Hall 2083


Across the entire animal kingdom, humans are unique in our ability to develop and sustain complex cultural customs, knowledge, and technology (e.g., fire-building, fishing, and theoretical physics). Why is this the case? What do humans have that other animals do not? In this talk, I will discuss how man and woman’s best friend – our own pet dogs – hold the key to discovering which parts of our human mind uniquely support the complexities of our human culture.