IUB Dept. of Biology majors are invited to apply for select departmental awards

Undergraduates with declared majors in Biology, Microbiology, and Biotechnology through the IUB Department of Biology are invited to apply for our 2019-2020 scholarships and awards.  The following scholarships are being offered this year:

Aldred Family Scholarship ─ $1,000
Avian, Wildlife, and Habitat Studies ScholarshipNOT OFFERED THIS YEAR
Barwe/Rexing Scholarship
─ $3,000  for select Direct Admit Students, consult the web page for this award
Biology Undergraduate Research Award ─ $1,500
Blatchley Nature Study Club Scholarship ─ $500
Clark (Howard W. ) Scholarship ─ $750
Crowell (Sears) Scholarship for Undergraduates ─ up to $2,500
Eigenmann (Carl H. ) Scholarship ─ $750
Ferguson (Arlene ) Internship at Hilltop Gardens ─ $500
Fox Glen Research and Education Fund Award ─ $500
Frey (Sarah Elizabeth) Indiana Daffodil, Inc. Scholarship ─ $1,000
Kindig (John R. and Wendy L.) Scholarship ─ $5,060
Malacinski (George M.) Biology Scholarship ─ $1,000
McClung (L.S. ) Scholarship ─ $3,500
Microbiology Undergraduate Summer Research Award ─ $3,500
Mower (Alfred Parson ) Scholarship ─ $1,000
Robinson (Sid) Scholarship ─ $4,000 ─ for select Direct Admit Students, consult the web page for this award
Roessler (William G.) Microbiology Scholarship ─ $1,000
Seward (Fred) Award  ─ $2,500
Tatum (William J.) Award ─ $1,500

The application deadline for these awards is Friday, February 15, 2019.  Faculty and postdoctoral fellow recommendations for these awards are also due on February 15.

Please visit the IUB Department of Biology website at the Undergraduate/Awards + Scholarships web page (https://biology.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards-scholarships.html), click on each award listed to review the application criteria for that particular award and to determine if you are eligible to apply for that award.  The following documents are needed to complete your application packet, so be sure to read these documents carefully:

1.  Application instructions (https://biology.indiana.edu/documents/undergrad-student-documents/2019_undergrad_scholarship_app_instructions.pdf)

2.  Application form (https://biology.indiana.edu/documents/undergrad-student-documents/2019_undergrad_awards_application.pdf)

The procedure for uploading your application packet can be found in the application instructions.

Be sure to approach your recommender immediately in order to give that individual time to write the letter.  Once written, your recommender should upload the letter via this link:  https://biology.indiana.edu/faculty-intranet/forms/student-recommendations.html to the Wyss Dropbox.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if, after reading the application instructions, you have any questions.  Thank you!


Kathy E. Wyss

Development Officer

Department of Biology

Jordan Hall 120

1001 E. 3rd St.

Bloomington, IN 47405-7005