Call for posters on climate change research – Poster session July 10

The IU / WonderLab Summer Science Institute on Teaching Climate Change – Call for Posters


Calling early-career researchers studying environmental change: Register now to present at a lunchtime poster session for Indiana K-12 teachers and high school students participating in the IU / WonderLab Summer Science Institute on teaching climate change. This is a great opportunity to practice translating your research into a publicly-accessible message.

Additional details: As part of the IU “Prepared for Environmental Change” Grand Challenge, WonderLab and IU faculty are teaming up to hold a three-day, hands-on workshop for 40 teachers from across Indiana from both elementary (K-6) and secondary (7-12) schools. The poster session is additionally sponsored by the IU Integrated Program in the Environment (IPE).


We’re asking three big questions together:

  • How do we know our environment is changing — and how do we know humans are causing the change?
  • What are the impacts (effects) of environmental change?
  • What do we need to do?


We’re excited to share research and work-in-progress that addresses one or more of these questions.  Our goal is to show our teachers the power and breadth of environmental science and policy research right here in Indiana.


WHERE: The big atrium in the north side of Jordan Hall.


WHEN: July 10th, 2019. Set up and in place by 11:15 am, pack up around 1:15 pm.


A NOTE ON EQUITY AND INCLUSION: We actively encourage presenters who come from many different disciplines as well as backgrounds and personal identities.  Please let us know on the presenter form if you will need physical support (for example, in pinning up your poster or finding a chair for presenting).


OUR SUGGESTED POSTER FORMAT is simple, and it won’t take you much time to set up! Your audience will not be an academic one, and your poster will describe your research in very general terms. See a template here. ​


WANT MORE HELP OR HAVE QUESTIONS? On the morning of June 24th, one of the Summer Science Institute’s resident teachers, Dr. Kirstin Milks of Bloomington High School South, will be running a “cookie chat” to help students craft and hone their message. She will be assisted by O’Neill SPEA Phd Program Director Dr. Kim Novick. More details about this session will be forthcoming.


If you have additional questions, email Kirstin directly at from your IU address (so the school system’s spam filter is less likely to block your message!) or email Kim at