Connect with Distinguished Alumni TOMORROW 2/23/18

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Attire is casual, and students may come and go as they please.


How to be a Lobbyist for Science – today (Thursday, Feb. 22) at 12:30 p.m. FREE LUNCH!


in collaboration with

Union of Concerned Scientists

Environmental Management & Sustainable Development Association (EMSDA) and

Students for Equity in Public Service (SEPA)

 is proud to present

 Dori Chandler

Union of Concerned Scientists


Effective Communication with Legislators

Or… How to be a Lobbyist for Science

Are you a Scientist? An Advocate for Science? Proud of the work you do?  We are!  Join Concerned Scientists @ IU and Union of Concerned Scientists to let your member of Congress know that they should care too!  Learn how to plan, conduct, and follow up on an in-person meeting with your United States senators. The training will be followed by opportunities to lobby in-district, including a lobby day the following day in Indianapolis on Friday, February 23rd.  Continue reading “How to be a Lobbyist for Science – today (Thursday, Feb. 22) at 12:30 p.m. FREE LUNCH!”

Parallel Planning Workshop– Calling all pre-professional students!

February 26, 2018

6:00pm -7:30 pm

Dogwood, IMU

Parallel planning is a strategy to maximize your time and effort, while in college and thereafter.  It is not “backup” or “plan B” planning.  It is assessing what you love doing and are good at, and achieving the career that matches that.

Parallel planning could involve: 1) completing prerequisites for two different health profession careers while you exploring and confirming which you love better and excel at more or 2) developing a second (or third) set of skills that will supplement the career path you have decided upon.

At the session, HPPLC advisors will present information on various health professions careers and additional responsibilities health care practitioners take on in the course of their career.  Then, on Wednesday, February 28 at the Health Professions Programs Fair, you can speak with admissions representatives about their programs and opportunities to develop the skills for the additional responsibilities you envision for your career.

While certainly not mandatory, we encourage you to look over or even complete all or part of the self-questionnaire linked from the HPPLC site It can help you more clearly identify and evaluate your aptitudes, your areas of interest, and what has drawn your attention to these areas.

(Please note that this session will not address technical questions about application processes and procedures, admission prerequisites, etc., but will instead focus on topics pertaining to making good health career choices.)

Applications open for Exchange Program at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) for Fall 2018 and Academic Year 2018-2019

The College of Arts & Sciences is accepting applications for the Exchange Program at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) for the Fall 2018 and Academic Year 2018-2019.

We are going to open SKKU applications on Monday, the 19th, and close them on March 9.

SKKU is a well-regarded university that offers excellent support for visiting exchange students. SKKU offers a variety of courses taught in English, but some courses in Korean are available to exchange students. Since this is an IU exchange, students that the College nominates pay their regular IU tuition. In addition, nominated students may apply for funds from the College to support their travel.  There will be an additional scholarship opportunity available through the Institute for Korean Studies.


In order to be eligible, students must:

– Be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the College of Arts and Sciences.
– Have completed a minimum of one year at IU prior to enrolling at SKKU.
– Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.
– Complete an essay and provide two letters of recommendation.
– Have a passport by the time applications are due to SKKU


Student applications must be received by 11:59 p.m., Friday, March 9, 2018. Applications will be reviewed by the College and selected students are then nominated to SKKU. Accepted students will be notified to complete an online application through SKKU.


Students interested in the program should do the following: Continue reading “Applications open for Exchange Program at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) for Fall 2018 and Academic Year 2018-2019”

IUB Biology Department Scholarships — Applications due Friday 2/16/18!

Undergraduates earning a declared major through the IUB Department of Biology (Biology, Biotechnology, and Microbiology) are invited to apply for our 2018-2019 scholarships and awards.  The following scholarships are being offered this year:

Aldred Family Scholarship ─ $1,000
Avian, Wildlife, and Habitat Studies Scholarship ─ $1,000 ─ NOT OFFERED THIS YEAR
Barwe/Rexing Scholarship
Biology Undergraduate Research Award ─ 1,500
Blatchley Nature Study Club Scholarship ─ $500
Clark (Howard W. ) Scholarship ─ $750
Crowell (Sears) Scholarship for Undergraduates ─ up to $2,500
Eigenmann (Carl H. ) Scholarship ─ $750
Ferguson (Arlene ) Internship at Hilltop Gardens ─ $500
Fox Glen Research and Education Fund Award ─ $500
Frey (Sarah Elizabeth) Indiana Daffodil, Inc. Scholarship ─ $1,000
Grossman (Rex ) Scholarship ─ up to $4,000
Kindig (John R. and Wendy L.) Scholarship ─ $6,570
Malacinski (George M.) Biology Scholarship ─ $1,000
McClung (L.S. ) Scholarship ─ $3,500
Microbiology Undergraduate Summer Research Award ─ $3,500
Mower (Alfred Parson ) Scholarship ─ $1,000
Robinson (Sid) Scholarship ─ $4,000 ─ BY INVITATION ONLY TO DIRECT ADMIT STUDENTS
Roessler (William G.) Microbiology Scholarship ─ $1,000
Seward (Fred) Award  ─ $2,500
Tatum (William J.) Award ─ $1,500

The application deadline for these awards is Friday, February 16, 2018.  Faculty and postdoctoral fellow recommendations for these awards are also due on February 16.

Please visit the IUB Department of Biology website at the Undergraduate/Awards + Scholarships web page (, click on each award listed to review the application criteria for that particular award and to determine if you are eligible to apply for that award.  The following documents are needed to complete your application packet, so be sure to read these documents carefully:

1.  Application instructions (
2.  Application form (

Your application packet should consist of a completed application form that lists all the awards for which you are applying; your resume; and your 1-2 page personal statement, arranged in that order.  Save your packet as a PDF, in this format:  Student’s last name_student’s first name_2018.  For instance, if I were to apply for an award, my packet would be named “Wyss_kathy_2018”.

Once you’ve completed your application packet, you can submit the packet via the “Submit your application” link found on any of the individual award pages.  Alternatively, you can go directly to this URL to upload your application packet:  No matter how many awards you are applying for, you still only submit your application ONE time.  If you are applying for three awards, you still submit your packet only one time.

Be sure to approach your recommender immediately in order to give him/her time to write the letter. Give your recommender this link: so he or she can upload your recommendation letter to the Wyss Dropbox.  The letter should be saved as a PDF with the document called “Student’s last name_Recommender’s last name_2018”.  If Rich Hardy were writing a recommendation for Mary Smith, his letter would be named “Smith_Hardy_2018”.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if, after reading the application instructions, you have any questions.  Thank you!


Kathy E. Wyss
Development Officer
Department of Biology
Jordan Hall 120
1001 E. 3rd St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-7005