Seniors – consider this full-time job opportunity

A full-time Research Associate position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Manuel Baizabal in the Genome, Cell and Developmental Biology Program at Indiana University Bloomington to study the transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms that regulate the development of the cerebral cortex.

Some of the responsibilities of the Research Associate include:

1) Creating molecular vectors by cloning.

2) In utero electroporation of plasmid DNA into the cerebral cortex of  ​mouse embryos.

3) Perfusion of post-natal and adult brains.

4) Cell culture.

5) Plasmid preparation, real-time PCR, western blots, RNA purification and cDNA preparation.

6) Genotyping mouse lines

7) General laboratory maintenance, including organizing the lab and meetings, taking care of all lab purchases and keeping biosafety protocols and other lab documentation updated.

8) Training undergraduates and new graduate students on basic techniques.

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3rd Annual ScIU Science Communication Symposium

A morning workshop will be led by the ScIU writers to learn about writing about science for a public audience.

The afternoon with have a keynote address and panel discussing science communication, science engagement, and tailoring your content to your audience.

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Available Undergraduate Researcher Position

The Ledón-Rettig lab investigates the causes and consequences of phenotypic plasticity using amphibians as models. We are currently seeking a research assistant whose primary responsibilities will be maintaining a colony of desert frogs, although other research activities will additionally be required. Frog colony maintenance includes cleaning frog habitats and feeding frogs (handling crickets). Research activities include setting up frog breedings and tadpole microcosms, as well as feeding and measuringtadpoles (e.g., behavioral, morphological, and endocrine measures). There is the potential for developing independent research projects in addition to performing regular duties.

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