Biology and Microbiology majors: Need an upper-level lab? Consider BIOL-M 465 or BIOL-M 485 for Fall 2019

If you are a Biology or Microbiology major who wants to add an upper-level lab to your Fall 2019 schedule: There are two modern and highly useful Microbiology labs with plenty of open seats.

Even if you don’t have the prerequisites, you may contact the instructor and ask if this course might be appropriate for you! The instructor will discuss your background and specific circumstances with you, before deciding whether or not to waive the prerequisites.


Note about BIOL-L 318 and BIOL-S 318 honors

Section of BIOL-L 318 added for Fall 2019

We have added an additional section of BIOL-L 318 Evolution to the Fall 2019 Schedule of Classes. Section # 36527 meets MWF 11:15 a.m. to 12:05 p.m. So in case the Tuesday/Thursday section of BIOL-L 318 Evolution didn’t work for you but you still want to take Evolution this fall, you may enroll in this new MWF section for Fall 2019.


BIOL-S 318 Evolution, Honors, likely to be offered Spring 2020

Update on BIOL-S 318 Evolution, Honors – it is indeed likely to be offered in Spring 2020. (This year, we hadn’t been as confident of that as in previous years.) IU never 100% guarantees that any particular course will be offered in any particular semester. But we do anticipate offering BIOL-S 318 next spring.

Hutton students doing Animal Behavior: Consider HON-H 241 in Fall 2019

For Hutton Honors College students pursuing the Animal Behavior B.S. degree or the Animal Behavior minor or certificate: the Fall 2019 HON-H 241 course with the specific topic Animal Hearing & Acoustic Communication (section 33860) has been approved to count towards the Mechanisms of Behavior perspectives requirement. Questions? Contact your Animal Behavior advisor at

Open seats available in 2nd 8 weeks 300-level course on diabetes

The IUB School of Public Health announces there are still open seats in:

SPH-H 334 Heart Health and Diabetes

2nd 8 weeks from 5:45-8:15 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Location TBD.

They recommend this course for pre-med and nursing students, students interested in research, and students interested in health education or health promotion. This course is also part of the Public Health minor, the Health Studies minor, and the Obesity and Health minor!

Remember, SPH courses count as “outside the College of Arts and Sciences.” If you have any questions about whether this course would be a good choice for you in terms of fulfilling degree requirements, please ask your academic advisor.

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1 day, 1 credit hour class: PACE-C200 Issue Forum (Saturday, February 23, 2019)

A fun and interesting class opportunity!

Seats are available in the one credit course PACE-C200 Issue Forum, which has one in-class meeting on a Saturday afternoon. Students can add class #6130 now.

The class begins with online work next month and the students will participate in the Issue Forum on the topic of the opioid epidemic in small-group deliberation and a large-group expert panel. Lunch and snacks are provided!,, 812.856.1747.


pace-c 200 issue forum spring 2019 flyer

Consider taking BIOL-L 402 Ecosystems and Global Change in Spring 2019!

Calling all students who are concerned about the fate of our planet!

Want to learn about how changes in climate are likely to impact ecosystems? Or how ecosystems can actually slow or speed up rates of climate change? Or how human activities that cause the loss of species also affect how ecosystems function? Or maybe you just want to know how to talk to your family about climate change at holiday gatherings…

Fortunately, there is a course that can help you learn more: BIOL-L 402 “Ecosystems and Global Change.” Continue reading “Consider taking BIOL-L 402 Ecosystems and Global Change in Spring 2019!”

Need an upper-level lecture for spring? Consider BIOL-L 472!

There are still open seats for Spring 2019 in:

BIOL-L 472 Microbial Ecology (3 cr.)

Prof. Jay Lennon

Tues./Thurs. 1:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.

  • Prerequisite: just SOPHOMORE status (not the prerequisites stated in Schedule of Classes – those are incorrect). For permission to enroll, email
  • Description: Principles of microbial ecology with emphasis on the population, community, and ecosystem ecology of bacteria and fungi.
  • How does it count in YOUR degree? BIOL-L 472 fulfills an upper-level Biology lecture in Biology B.A., standard Biology B.S., Microbiology B.A., and Microbiology B.S. degrees. It also fulfills an Advanced Skills lecture in Biology B.S. with concentration in Biology of Disease. For all other degrees, BIOL-L 472 counts as 3 credit hours at the 300/400 level inside the College!

BIOL-L 472 flyer 11-09-18.png