L402 – “Ecosystems and Global Change”

Calling all students who are concerned about the fate of our planet!

Want to learn about how changes in climate are likely to impact ecosystems? Or how ecosystems can actually slow or speed up rates of climate change? Or how human activities that cause the loss of species also affect how ecosystems function? Or maybe you just want to know how to talk to your family at holiday gatherings about how climate change is affecting Indiana ecosystems. Fortunately, there is a course that can help you learn more: BIO-L402 “Ecosystems and Global Change”.

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Second Eight Weeks Courses – Fall 2019

Are you looking to throw in an extra credit or two this semester? It’s not too late to look at some second eight weeks courses! See some that are still open here! Always check with your advisor if you have questions about how a course will affect your degree.

Second eight weeks courses start on Monday, October 21st.

To learn how to add a second eight weeks course for this semester, click here.

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Interested in MATLAB? Fall Elective Opportunity–PSY-P 457

P457: Implementing Computer-Controlled Behavioral Experiments in Psychological Science

Fall Semester, 2019

Mondays & Wednesdays 12:45 – 2:00, Room 286

Dr. Jason M. Gold, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Are you an undergraduate working in a lab that runs computer-based experiments?   Do you see yourself going on to pursue an academic career in psychological science? If so, having the ability to control a computer through programming is an invaluable skill, as it has become a critical part of being able to carry out most aspects of behavioral experiments, including presenting stimuli, collecting data from subjects, implementing models, running simulations and analyzing data.

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