Enrollment in BIOL-L 311 for Spring 2018 has been TEMPORARILY paused

Enrollment has been temporarily paused for BIOL-L 311 Genetics in Spring 2018. Discussion sections will be added to this course in the registration system, and then enrollment will be opened again. We don’t know exactly when the course will be opened for enrollment, but we hope it will be by next Monday, October 23. We will post an alert on our BioBlog when it’s open again. You can follow this BioBlog and get an email notification every time we post anything. Or you can simply keep trying to enroll in BIOL-L 311, and once the course is ready, it will let you enroll.

We apologize for the inconvenience to the students with enrollment appointments on October 20 and 23.

More seats just opened in COLL-P 155

Some students have had trouble enrolling in COLL-P 155 Public Oral Communication for Fall 2016, because a good number of seats were reserved for incoming new freshmen. Update: The seat restrictions have been adjusted to make more seats available to current students! If you had trouble enrolling in COLL-P 155, you can try again, if you wish. You might have an easier time finding open seats. Some seats are still being held for new incoming freshmen arriving this summer, but more seats are available for YOU!


If you add COLL-P 155 or adjust your schedule in other ways, you may need to pay a schedule adjustment fee, depending on when you initially enrolled for Fall 2016 classes. For information about the schedule adjustment fee, see https://bursar.indiana.edu/tuition-fees/index.html or contact Student Central on Union.

Making advising appointments for Fall 2015 enrollment

Beginning March 25, the Biology Undergraduate Advising Office starts advising students for Fall 2015 course scheduling. There are so many students wanting appointments that we must reserve specific advising appointment times for students based on their Fall 2015 registration date.


To find your Fall 2015 registration date, check the Student Center in OneStart.


(If the registration date listed in OneStart is prior to April 7, you are looking at your Summer 2015 registration date! Click “details” in OneStart, click “Change Term,” and select your Fall 2015 registration date.)


PLEASE NOTE: Unless you have an advising hold in OneStart, it is not REQUIRED to see an advisor prior to registering (although we highly recommend it). If you do wish to make an appointment with a Biology advisor, please follow the appointment schedule below.


Appointment Schedule:

  • March 25 and beyond: advising appointments for biology students with registration dates of April 7 – April 8
  • March 30 and beyond: advising appointments for biology students with registration dates of April 9 – April 15
  • April 6 and beyond: advising appointments for biology students with registration dates of April 16 – April 23
  • April 20 and beyond: advising appointments for all students, including non-biology majors


Students who schedule an advising appointment before their designated date will have their appointments canceled. Continue reading “Making advising appointments for Fall 2015 enrollment”

Fall 2013 Lecture and Lab list!

For Biology BS and BA students, below is the list of all Biology advanced lectures and labs offered in Fall 2013.  To download the Fall lecture/lab pdf OR a complete list of lectures and labs, go to the BioBlog at:


PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE A NUMBER OF “BIOL” CLASSES THAT ARE *NOT* ON THIS LIST. Anything not on this list is NOT a lecture or lab for degree purposes.  Courses NOT on this list include BIOL L490 research, BIOL L499 teaching, and BIOL L211, 311, and 318.  NONE OF THESE ARE LECTURES AND LABS.
(Thanks for understanding – there might be a quiz later!)

Fall 2013 list of upper-level lectures and labs for Biology BS/BA students

** = offered fall only

(NOTE: all are “BIOL” classes unless otherwise noted. Check prerequisites in the College Bulletin before enrolling.)

•    B351 Fungi **
•    B371 Ecological Plant Physiology **
•    L312 Cell Biology
•    L331 Intro to Human Genetics **
•    L410 Topical Issues in Biology
•    L473 Ecology  **
•    M380 Micro. of Infectious Disease **
•    M440 Medical Microbiology **
•    M480 Micro & Molecular Genetics **
•    Z374 Invertebrate Zoology **
•    Z460 Animal Behavior
•    Z466 Endocrinology
•    BIOT–T310 Biotechnology Lecture  **
•    CHEM–C483 Biological Chemistry
•    CHEM–C484 Biomols. & Catabolism
•    PHSL–P416 Comparative Animal Phys
•    PSY–P466 Molecular & Cell. Neurobiology

•    B352 Fungi – Laboratory (2 hours) **
•    L313 Cell Biology Laboratory
•    L319 Genetics Laboratory
•    L323 Molecular Biology Laboratory ** (Note: this is a duplicate for L324 course in spring)
•    L474 Field & Laboratory Ecology (2 hrs) **
•    M255 Microbiology Laboratory (2 hours)
•    M360 Microbial Physiology Lab
•    M445 Medical Microbiology Lab **
•    M485 Molecular Genetics Lab **
•    S318 Honors Evolution ** (4 hrs meets IW & L318 requirements)
•    Z375 Invertebrate Zoology Lab (2 hours) **
•    BIOT–T315 Biotechnology Laboratory  **
•    PSY–P473 Lab in Moleclr Neuroscience **

Lecture/lab combos (counts for one of each):
•    L376 Biology of Birds (4 hours)
•    P451 Integrative Human Physiology (4 hrs)
•    Z373 Entomology **
•    SPEA–E455 Limnology  (4 hours) **

AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE A NUMBER OF “BIOL” CLASSES THAT ARE *NOT* ON THIS LIST. Anything not on this list is NOT a lecture or lab for degree purposes.  Courses NOT on this list include BIOL L490 research, BIOL L499 teaching, and BIOL L211, 311, and 318.  NONE OF THESE ARE LECTURES AND LABS.
(Thanks for understanding – there might be a quiz later!)


Registration for the Fall semester happens in April! Biology majors are not required to see an advisor prior to registering (exception: students on probation). However, we highly encourage students to make an appointment prior to registering. We still do NOT have walk-in hours, if you have a quick question please email bioadv@indiana.edu.


In this Email:

Making an advising appointment

When to schedule

Current biology advisors
Preparing to Register

Check for holds

Know your registration date

How to check your AAR

Helpful Links




During this time, we reserve specific advising appointment dates for students based on their class standing. Class standing is determined by total credit hours taken by May 2013.

Read this carefully so you know when to schedule.


Appointment Schedule:

March 25–28: Seniors (86+ credit hours completed by May) and all student athletes (please indicate you’re an athlete when making an appointment)

March 29–April 8: Juniors-Seniors (56+ credit hours completed by May)

April 9 – 16: Sophomores-Juniors-Seniors (26+ credit hours completed by May)

April 17 and after: All students, including Freshmen and nonmajors

Students who enroll before their priority week will have their appointments canceled. (If you are unsure how many credits you have completed by May, check your OneStart advisement report.)

All appointments MUST be scheduled via Starnet’s online schedule appointment system:


You CANNOT schedule an appointment by calling our office or walking in to schedule an appointment.

The names of the Biology advisors taking appointments are:

Anna Bednarski (abednars)

Carolyn Estell (cmunk)

Mary Ann Miller (mamiller)

Remember that we do not assign students to a specific advisor, so you should feel free to choose the advisor whose schedule best works for you. If all advisors are booked until your registration date, make sure to register for your courses on time, then see an advisor as soon as possible.

Prepare to Register


– Check your list of “holds” in OneStart. You can click on each of them for more details. If there are any barriers that will keep you from registering, clear those up now!

– Make an appointment with an advisor, if you need one. Instructions are above.


– Check your registration date in OneStart. Summer registration dates are displayed now; Fall dates will display at the end of this week.

– Check your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) in OneStart:

  • Student Center > My Academics and Grades > Advising box (first one on left) > View My Advisement Report

– To see which courses you need, use your AAR to fill out a degree checksheet. Degree checksheets are here: https://hoosierbiology.wordpress.com/

PRIOR TO REGISTRATION: choose classes, and fill your OneStart shopping cart!

– Full schedule of classes: http://registrar.indiana.edu/time_sensitive/scheofclass4138.shtml

– Biology lectures and labs: The full list is on the BioBlog: https://hoosierbiology.wordpress.com/

– CASE A&H and S&H: http://www.iu.edu/~bulletin/iub/college/2012-2013/course-designations/appendix-2.shtml

– CASE Culture Studies: Diversity in the US and Global Civilizations and Cultures

– Biology Course Descriptions: http://www.iu.edu/~bulletin/iub/college/2012-2013/departments/biology/courses.shtml

– Intensive Writing: http://registrar.indiana.edu/specialcourse.shtml

Or, if you’re looking for College of Arts and Sciences courses that fulfill more than one requirement, try using this handy online tool from the College of Arts and Sciences:


– General Education: PLEASE NOTE – “GENERAL EDUCATION” is for students who started at IU in Summer 2011 or after! If you started at IU prior to last summer, do NOT use these lists!

– A&H: http://gened.iub.edu/courses/art_humanitiescourses.html (see note above!)

– S&H: http://gened.iub.edu/courses/social_historicalcourses.html (see note above!)

– World Culture courses: http://gened.iub.edu/courses/worldculturescourses.html (see note above!)

Questions? For quick questions, email bioadv@indiana.edu