Fall 2019 African Languages Festival

Join us for an evening of performances in African Languages and Cultures by students of Akan, Bamanankan, KiSwahili, Yoruba, IsiZulu, and Kinyarwanda.  North African Food by Swakin Food Truck will be served. This program is organized by the IU African Languages and Cultures Club with sponsorship from IU Funding board.

Friday, November 8th| 5:30pm | Willkie Auditorium (150 North Rose Ave)

Brought to you in part by the African Studies Program, Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies

SAB (Students for Animal Behavior) Callout!

Love animals? Environmentally conscious? Passionate about education? Join Students for Animal Behavior!

This student organization allows members as a group to learn about conservation issues, volunteer locally, learn about career opportunities with animals, diversify their resumes, meet some animals, meet fellow students, and learn about the Animal Behavior major, minor, and certificate! Open to all majors!

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Student Organizations to Consider

Looking to meet new people or get some time away from a rigorous study schedule? Look no further than IU’s student organizations! The initial callouts may be over for many of these student groups, but the vast majority will take members with interest at any point. In other words, with some communication, you can jump right in!

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Check out IU Peer Coaching!

Peer coaches are undergraduate students who can help you get “ahead of the curve” in your first year. Your peer coach can assist you with:

  • Developing good time-management skills.
  • Study strategies.
  • Setting goals to achieve academic success.
  • Brainstorming ways to get involved and gain experience.
  • Preparing for your academic advising appointments.
  • Connecting with campus resources and learning how to navigate your IU experience.


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Paying for Professional School

The money is there to pay for professional school.

David Owen, former director of Admissions and Financial Aid at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, will talk about how one pays for professional school.  He will go over the common sources for funding professional school—loans, scholarships repayment and loan forgiveness programs—and things to be considering when you apply for financial aid for professional school. Also, Lt. Carolyn Holman will talk about the Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program. This is a great way to graduate from professional school debt free!

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