Call for posters on climate change research – Poster session July 10

The IU / WonderLab Summer Science Institute on Teaching Climate Change – Call for Posters


Calling early-career researchers studying environmental change: Register now to present at a lunchtime poster session for Indiana K-12 teachers and high school students participating in the IU / WonderLab Summer Science Institute on teaching climate change. This is a great opportunity to practice translating your research into a publicly-accessible message.

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Seeking Fall 2019 UTA Candidates!

Seeking enthusiastic UTA candidates to help teach BIOL Q201 (Biology for Elementary Education Majors) during the Fall 2019 semester. Q201 is an introductory-level, combination lecture and lab course for future elementary teachers.

Successful candidates should be available to teach co-teach a lab section meeting on Tuesdays 2-5 pm for the entire Spring 2019 semester. You should also have earned at least an A- in BIOL L112, and have an overall GPA of at least 3.25.  Applicants should complete the Biology Department UTA application and personal statement, and also provide an unofficial transcript.

Please contact Prof. Pam Hanratty ( ) for more information and/or to schedule an interview.

Nonprofit Veterinary Clinic Volunteer Positions — Monroe County Humane Association

The Monroe County Humane Association welcomes individuals to volunteer in their Nonprofit Veterinary Clinic at 4635 W. Richland Plaza Drive as clinic receptionists and veterinary assistants. Volunteers must be reliable, responsible for confidential matters, as well as responsible in a veterinary setting. A commitment of a regular 3-hour, weekly or biweekly volunteer schedule is requested. All volunteers provide friendly assistance to clinic visitors and maintain a humane and kind attitude at all times towards the animals in the clinic’s care. Minimum age is 18. Read more or respond to this opportunity through the Bloomington Volunteer Network.

Available Research Assistant Position in Cancer Research Lab

The Davis Lab is currently searching for an undergraduate student to volunteer as a research assistant. Our lab (located in Simon Hall)  investigates the effect of different chemotherapeutic agents on a variety of cancer models. Responsibilities would include a weekly workload of at least 10 hours, participation in in vitro and animal studies, and managerial duties such as autoclaving and dishwashing.  Freshman or Sophomore class standing is encouraged but more senior students are welcome to apply. This position is unpaid, but students can receive BIOL-X 490 credit. If interested, please contact Dr. Keith Davis ( with a brief paragraph about yourself and interests and a resume/CV if you have one.

Update: Demas lab positions have been filled

Update: As of 2/5/19, applications for undergrad positions in the Demas lab are closed.

The Demas Lab is looking for motivated undergraduates to work in the lab starting in summer 2019. Please find the details of the position below. If you have any questions about the position, please contact lab manager Jessica Deyoe at

Position Description:

The primary focus in the Demas laboratory is in the general area of “ecological physiology.” Specifically, we study interactions among the nervous, endocrine and immune systems and behavior in a variety of ecologically-relevant environmental contexts using the Siberian hamster (Phodopus sungorus) as our model system.  Currently, we are conducting studies in two major research areas, including: 1) microbiome influences on the neuroendocrine regulation of social behavior, and 2) neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying seasonal aggression.

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