Environmental Education conference October 13-15

Environmental Education conference Oct2017_Page_1October 13 talk - Finding Healing and Health in Nature


Good lecture this Thursday: “Women as Public Scientists in the Atomic Age: Charlotte Auerbach, Rachel Carson, and Genetics”

November 10, 2016
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Westfall Lecture

Marsha Richmond
History Department, Wayne State

With the onset of the atomic age in 1945, geneticists increasingly spoke out about how nuclear fallout and radiation impacted heredity and reproduction. By the 1960s others began to draw attention to how another post-war chemical—the pesticide DDT—might impact the hereditary future of mankind. Scholarship discussing post-World War II scientific activism focuses almost exclusively on males, without little attention paid to women who served as public scientists or the impact gender may have played in gaining public trust and influencing policy makers.

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SustainIU Week: “Water Scarcity in the 21st Century” – Feb. 15-20

The seventh annual SustainIU Week, organized by the IU Bloomington Student Sustainability Council and its member organizations, will focus on “Water Scarcity in the 21st Century”.

Several exciting events are planned for the week, including a keynote lecture by National Geographic photographer James Balog on Wednesday, February 18 at 7:30 PM in the IMU Whittenberger Auditorium.

You can find a full list of events on the SustainIU page by clicking here, or by checking out our SustainIU 2015 event on Facebook by clicking here.

Summer Session I ~ Collins Expeditions Course LLC L230 Learning from Nature: Permaculture

Summer Session I ~ Collins Expeditions Course LLC L230\Learning from Nature: Permaculture (3 credits) May 31 – June 14, 2015

Info Session
Thursday, Feb. 5th, 6pm
Collins LLC Coffeehouse
(corner 10th & Woodlawn)
pizza and drinks provided

For more information: haberman_permaculture_call-out

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Science-Inspired Art Performance of Dark Zone

Please see the interesting art-science fusion opportunity below – of course the light they are using largely comes from symbiotic bacteria……

Subject: Science-Inspired Art Performance of Dark Zone by Aaron Traver and Arthur Liou

This Friday, Feb. 14 at 5PM, there will be a performance of a new multimedia work based on deep-sea bioluminescence called Dark Zone, with music by Aaron Travers and video by Arthur Liou.  The piece is about 15 minutes long, with music being performed LIVE by the Chicago-based new music ensemble Dal Niente.

Following the performance, there will be a panel discussion about the intersection of music, video and science, and the process of collaboration.  After this, there will be a second performance at 6:30PM.

The performance is FREE.  We would love to see you there.

Location: Grunwald Gallery at the Hope School of Fine Arts, (7th St. and Jordan Ave.)

Dark Zone sign

Information on helping Haiti

From the IU Office of Sustainability:


We’d like to pass along these opportunities to support earthquake relief efforts in Haiti:

Thank you for everything you do.

The Office of Sustainability


One more suggestion from a professor of Hatian Creole at IU – donate to the International Firefighter Association, at www.ifarelief.org