Available Undergraduate Researcher Position

The Ledón-Rettig lab investigates the causes and consequences of phenotypic plasticity using amphibians as models. We are currently seeking a research assistant whose primary responsibilities will be maintaining a colony of desert frogs, although other research activities will additionally be required. Frog colony maintenance includes cleaning frog habitats and feeding frogs (handling crickets). Research activities include setting up frog breedings and tadpole microcosms, as well as feeding and measuringtadpoles (e.g., behavioral, morphological, and endocrine measures). There is the potential for developing independent research projects in addition to performing regular duties.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunity

The laboratory of Dr. Lingling Chen, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, has undergraduate research positions open!

We are searching for reliable, intelligent students who are genuinely interested in scientific research. Students must have good note-taking skills, good communications skills, and be fast learners.

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Summer 2020 research positions in Costa Rica and Panama – apply now!

We are seeking to fill five independent student research positions from May 14 to July 30, 2020, starting in Costa Rica and ending in Panama. Participants will conduct research projects focused onthe broad theme of evaluating the extent to which differing economic and participatory incentivesand agricultural practices influence tropical forest conservation outcomes. Potential methods include censusing primate populations, quantifying differences in primate behavior, measuring primate fecal hormone levels with immunoassays, conducting interviews and surveys of local landowners,
government officials, and other stakeholders, measuring water and air quality, and quantifying forest characteristics using GIS and field methods. However, it is expected that each project will be designed by the student participant.

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2019-2020 College Undergraduate Research Work-Study PILOT Program

For Academic Year 08/11/2019 – 05/09/2020

The College Research Office and IU’s Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) have established a pilot Federal Work Study (FWS)-eligible Undergraduate Research Assistant position. If FWS is part of your financial-aid packages to attend college and if you are conducting research under the guidance and mentorship of faculty, you may now use that work as a qualifying work-study position. It is anticipated that there will be up to ten positions available for the academic year 2019-20 pilot program.

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Undergrad research position available in Rosvall lab – apply by August 1!

Dr. Kim Rosvall’s lab (https://rosvall.lab.indiana.edu/) has a research position available via the CEW&T Emerging Scholars Research Experience for Undergraduate Women on the genomic basis of female aggression in birds, supervised by postdoctoral researcher Dr. Sara Lipshutz. Timeframe for the position is October 17th 2019 – May 8th 2020. 1st years and sophomores who identify as women are encouraged to apply. All majors welcome – may be of special interest to those in Animal Behavior. Applications are due August 1st, 2019. Apply here: REU Student Application 2019-20

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