New BS Degree in Molecular Life Sciences — Offered Fall 2018!

New BS degree in Molecular Life Sciences. Offered jointly by IU Biology and IU Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Starting this fall. Check it out!

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Wellness and Self-care Strategies for Prehealth Students — Friday, April 18th

Wellness and Self-care Strategies for Prehealth Students

Friday, April 13, 2018

4:00 – 5:00 PM in Woodburn Hall 003

Self-care has been highlighted as a formal competency for medical school and is being incorporated in curricula across healthcare disciplines. Knowing this is a skill you need to develop, learning how to manage stress, ask for help, and demonstrate resilience now are important skills for future professionals planning to work in demanding, and sometimes stressful, healthcare careers.

In this session, co-presented by the Health Professions and Prelaw Center and IU Counseling and Psychological Services, we will offer strategies, resources, and tools you can incorporate in your life to reduce your level of preprofessional anxiety and carry forward into your graduate education and career.

In addition, if you feel stressed about the demands of balancing rigorous prerequisite coursework with extracurricular activities or the competitive nature of admission to health professions programs, you are not alone. Identifying resources and coping strategies to reduce your level of preprofessional anxiety can lead to better personal, academic, and career decisions, and can also help you more fully enjoy your undergraduate experience!

We will leave time at the end of the session to discuss your questions, concerns, and ideas.

Students pursuing admission to any type of competitive admission health program are encouraged to attend this event.

It is okay if you must arrive late or leave early.

Read more about medical school competencies at Anatomy of an Applicant.