UTA (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant) position in BIOL-L 318 Evolution (Fall 2014)



A position is available to UTA BIOL-L 318 Evolution in Fall 2014. The primary duties of this UTA are one-on-one meetings with students (office hours) and providing assistance with coordinating homework and exam assessment, and with grading homework and exams. There are no small discussion groups in this class. The ideal UTA for this class has strong organizational and interpersonal skills, a desire to develop their instructional/mentoring skills, and an interest in evolutionary explanations for biological phenomena. You must have received at least an A- in either BIOL-L 318 or BIOL-S 318.


Please contact Prof. Leonie Moyle (lmoyle@indiana.edu) with questions or applications. For more information on being a UTA and for application instructions, go to http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/opportunities/teaching/index.shtml